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Earth Mama ~ Blossom Perfume Roller

Earth Mama ~ Blossom Perfume Roller

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This beautiful natural perfume is filled to the brim with dried blossoms and pure, precious oils from flowers, citrus fruits, herbs and trees. Capped off with a gold lid, this roller not only looks divine, but smells heavenly as well. The perfect perfume to make you feel like a goddess of the blooms.


Floral oils (lavender, magnolia + roman chamomile) are known for their peaceful, calming and relaxing properties.

Citrus oils (wild orange + grapefruit) are uplifting and invigorating. They encourage us to feel cheerful and optimistic.

Woodsy oils (cedarwood) are supportive and grounding. They help to bring us back 'down to earth' and provide a sense of balance.

Herbal oils (patchouli) are soothing, comforting and refreshing.



Apply liberally to the pulse points on your neck, wrists and temples to enliven your senses and smell divine.




Patch test before use.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner. Please see your doctor, GP or naturopath if you have any concerns about the use of essential oils.


If pregnant, breastfeeding or under a doctor's care, consult your physician before use. Application to skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight. For adult use only. (Please see Earth Babies range for children and infant products).