folk + soul


Hi there folks!  My name is Katie, I'm a Mum of two pretty awesome boys, Tahjin and Eadin, and wife to an equally awesome hubby, Ammon. 

For years I've been thinking about opening my own business, but as a lot of you would relate to, the timing wasn't right, we kept moving, the kids were too small etc! But over Summer holidays this year, Ammon and I decided the timing was probably the best it was ever going to be!!  So, I have taken the plunge and decided to move away from my teaching career to start my own online lifestyle store with a focus on fashion and homewares. 

And so became "folk+soul"
Folk: where we come from, our family and our heritage
Soul: Who we are, what we value and believe in


 As a Mum of boys, I am surrounded by all things loud, boisterous and messy!  Which I LOVE! (Well maybe not the messy part so much - my OCD doesn't always love that!)      But this has only enhanced my craving and love for all things girly, pretty and creative!!  I've always been a creative person, but the 'girl' in me has certainly been brought out more by having boys all around me! 

From a young age I have enjoyed fashion and being able to express myself through what I wore, I also quite liked being a little bit different.  My friends always said, 'but you can wear anything' or 'that is so you', and my response is 'you can wear anything too, you just have to put it on and walk out the door'!  I believe that what you wear significantly reflects how you feel; fashion is an extension of who you are.  The same goes for home styling - your home reflects your personality, the way you live and what you value.

My goal with folk+soul is to provide a range of fashion and homewares that allow you to express yourself and feel good. I will try and source and support as many Australian labels as I can, in my pursuit to make you, your home (and your family!) look and feel amazing.

I am equally as passionate about all three of my boys looking and feeling good (they don't always heed my advice, but hey a girl can try...and keep trying!).  Over the coming months I will endeavour to source labels that cater for kids and teens, and the big boys too!  My long-term goal is for folk+soul to be somewhere the whole family can shop (or the Mums and wives to shop FOR their families if the case may be!). 

As the name suggests, I am deeply connected and driven by family, values and heritage.  These things are intrinsic in shaping who we are and how we live - these values and beliefs resonate and translate into my passion for folk+soul. 

Part of my motivation for taking this leap of faith has come about as a result of my beautiful Dad passing away.  This put life into perspective for me and made me reassess my priorities.  So, I have taken the leap and I'm pursuing my passion and creating a lifestyle that is more conducive to quality family time.  My family is my priority and I am doing this to be more available, be more flexible and be a happier Mum and wife!  By doing this I hope I am showing our boys that it's important to chase a dream, and anything is possible if you take a chance and work hard to achieve your goals. (Something my parents instilled in my sister and I growing up).

I hope to provide a place where you can find a variety of good quality fashion and homewares.  As we grow I hope "folk+soul" becomes your one stop shop for styling the whole family and your home!  I hope folk+soul can help you feel good and reflect your personality through what you wear and how you style your home. 

I hope you enjoy this happy little place as much as I do! 



Katie XX